Here’s how it is…

I simply adore the path a girl walks from Shikomi to Geisha, a path of empowerment in art, a structure nurturing the space of flourishing beauty. As someone who has practiced meditation since 16 years old and art… oooh lets say all my living days, the idea of claiming a space in my heart where art and awareness can grow intwined is a delight.
Building on this.. the structure of a matriarchal society where each moment of art is not one of competativeness but the very root of community.. as someone brought up in the shadow of the Elmhirsts I feel almost a duty to follow the trail which leads between the Flowers and Willows.

So… I make a start, or rather I have made a start and now take the time to start ‘blogging’ about my experience. Starting as Minarai.. looking towards my Misedashi (announcement) as a Maiko ready to face the world, ready to give and share art in community and perhaps take on others who wish to follow the trail – perhaps a little behind me so they can learn from my mistakes ^^ – I step out. Thanks for reading..

蓮子Hachiko (Lotus Person or “Little Lotus”)

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5 Responses to Here’s how it is…

  1. Hana (Deonna) says:

    Hi I really love this article and I have so many questions that I want to ask…. first is there a way for me to contact you?

  2. Ciara Lamptey says:

    Wow! This is so interesting! Are you training to become a Geiko? How can I contact you? 😀

    • hachisuokiya says:

      😀 Yes I am training – as best as I can! And I have a few little ‘sisters’ who are following a few steps behind.. thanks for this comment Ciara it reminds me I must post again about my Misedashi party 🙂

  3. hachisuokiya says:

    Hi to everyone… the best way to find me is through my Okiya’s facebook page – I am most active there ^.^

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