Projects and Bookings…

Okobo are coming along well – though I think I will buy some next time, save my energy for other things. I am feeling more and more confident as the project grows and I think I am going to make myself a maiko wig and do everything as close to kyoto style as possible – though there are many Hanamachi’s in Japan and each one does things slightly differently.
It will be interesting to see what shape of the culture fits our town and area the best. The cherry blossom festival is all set. It will be fun to make the connection with Dartington Hall and I have some games in mind including ‘Tiger in the Cherries’ – a tree version of Tora Tora ^^
I have also been asked to perform on the 23rd on the stage of the Civic Hall so I’m practicing a new dance which will work well also for our Plymouth booking in June.
So more incentive to increase our families ability to create Ozashiki it seems.. here we go 🙂

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