Cherry Blossom Festival

The event was a success and it didn’t rain on us – all jubilation :-p
We had a great time and it was a wonderful experience of growing our family a little more as our Minarai Emily debuted. So here is a few pictures as I sew my first darari obi for my dance performance in a couple of days.

Checking imoto’s obi

Setting up 🙂

Conversations and kitsuke

Blossoms everywhere!

Me and imoto folding kimono together – all that lovely silk :-p

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2 Responses to Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. Hi my name is Danielle i loved all your threads that you posted.
    Do you still run the Hachisu Okiya?

    • hachisuokiya says:

      Hi Danielle, yes I still run Hachisu Okiya, we are mainly creating kimono and kanzashi in warm houses atm. You are studying various aspects of japanese art? How is it going? Thank you for your kind words 😀

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