Mirai Japan Club and Oshiroi

We were invited to the Mirai Japan Club in Paignton to do some kitsuke demonstration. As always with a new venue there was the extra time needed to find it and the right entrance ^^ It was a great day and a real community feel, its so nice to be welcomed by lots of Japanese people who seem to love my carefree and haphazard attitude to wearing kimono 😉

  Me (just off right), Shimako, one of our lovely models and EmilyAlso my real tabi and oshiroi make up arrived from Japan!! So I have been practicing my dance in them and trying on the real Maiko makeup. It is not so easy to take off but much easier to put on flat and I am sure I will improve in time :-p Also I find i have pre-performance nerves fairly often so its better to have something more difficult to do AFTER the performance rather than before lol.
So… no more tiny circle on the bottom lip now… the red is spreading along with my confidence 😀

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