Promoting in Plymouth

The rain held off for one day to allow us to do some promotion for the Wabi Sabi festival coming up on Saturday.
The colours were shining as a result of the sun on them and we again met many people and had interesting conversations.
Today made me realise on a deeper level the role of the Geisha in society and how they assist people in ways that go beyond traditional art. As an events organiser myself I have keenly felt the need of a strong ‘team’ to support one’s event as it approaches and indeed during the time. This is also the case even during private parties – how many has one been to where the host is completely alone in providing entertainment and conversation and as such is actually quite stressed (some people show this more than others :-p)

To hire geisha for your event means to relax, it means that you can be the appreciater of aspects of the event and not just carry the burden of organising alone. This is what Geisha do in Japan at various festivals and we can also do this in England if we are dedicated and humble enough. Assisting Jo and Freya today, helping them to take delight and chill out as a large event approaches… and even helping us all remember what our initial aims were. Providing the atmosphere of Wabi Sabi as was first discussed we preserve and grow our intentions and all this will help to create an event to be remembered by all.

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