Misedashi preparations…

After all our experience I think our Okiya is ready for us to have our first formal Misedashi which is the announcement of a Maiko to all in her community that she has finished the ‘watching’ stage and ready to help others by assisting directly with parties and events. Much preparation to do, especially as we are not an established Okiya with a stock of kimono, kanzashi and a local network of teahouses!
The first thing to do is to acquire a KuroFurisode – this is a long sleeved black kimono. These are quite rare and expensive, the main reason for this is that at formal events when girls where Furisode bright colours tend to be favoured. So although there are plenty of KuroTomesode (black short sleeved kimono for formal married/working ladies) there are not many KuroFurisode on the market.

So I am going to make one… the downside to this plan is time (but patience is a wonderful thing to develop anyhow isn’t it ^^).. the upside is it will cost less and we can weave Hachisu aspects into the design of it to make our official Misedashi Kimono.
So I’ll try to take pictures as it progresses so you can see the change..
First step… Hachisu Mon (Crests) in 5 places – this makes it a most formal kimono..     
Keep you posted 🙂
Hachiko x

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2 Responses to Misedashi preparations…

  1. Lisa Smith says:

    Surely you want to put the mon last if you are going to dye the kimono black?

  2. hachisuokiya says:

    Seeing as creating a white mon pattern on a black fabric is produced by a resist process it is the very first detail that needs to be outlined – hope this answers your question 🙂

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