What an interesting time of year this is! Winter after the festivals and before the spring is a mode of sleepiness that always surprises me. A chance to contemplate in a way I cannot i suspect later in the year when all is busyness and involvement – and as such I aim to cherish it (I say AIM). Got out into town the other day to actually ‘break in my new clogs’ – my traditional okobo that arrived a month or so ago. They are amazingly light and again I see more and more connections as they make me walk with more emphasis on the heel (hello Hara and connection to the earth that is so emphasised in the Kyomai dance I am studying).
A little quiz… maybe even a debate if us dozy things can do such a thing as we stir in our sleep. Which of these kimono is Yin and which Yang (are they not both delicious)..
My thinking is that the bright susohiki is yin because it is for a young person and the formal kurotomesode is yang because it represents a power that does not need to be overstated.. (playing devil’s advocate here) Questions… Comments…?

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One Response to Yin/Yang

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    I’d like to provide a strict view of “yin” and “yang” – their original meanings were the sunlit side and shadowed side of a valley or hill, so to me there is no doubt that the green kimono is Yang and the kurotomesode is yin. Not very poetic but someone had to say it 🙂

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