Misedashi! (and O-zashiki party – part 1)

So the time came for Misedashi :-p I booked the place and found Miho Sato who very kindly agreed to cater for us and source a shoji screen for our two uchikake (wedding kimono) to snuggle up to. Preparations did that funny thing that they sometimes do.. you start ‘thinking’ you are pacing yourself.. but always end up rushing at the last minute. Many many thanks for misha-chan for helping with the sewing of my kuro-hikizuri as I was flustering about :-p (thats a secret for you backstage people – in ‘reality’ i was as cool as a cucumber ;))

It was such an amazing day! We started off with a Sister Ceremony which I will post about soon (Hello our new Hachidori-chan ^.^)
For those of you who did not have the joy of attending I will try to lead your imagination through it all…  I want to thank everyone so much for your kindness in supporting me with your interest and open hearts . Otano Moshimasu!

The space was laid out for the Sister Ceremony when the caterers arrived. We got into more relevant kimono (nearly all of us, caterers n all) and started making a Ceremony space into a Party space ^^

Then it was time to lay the first food out as people started to arrive. Already one could feel the dynamics of the kitchen..
   versus… the calm gathering energy of the Zashiki space where people were peacefully settling into light chat and subtle sake served by Obasan Hachitsuki-san and our Minarai Hachidori-chan. Birdwood House is such a lovely place – thank you Anthea!

I was waiting out the back as we had planned I should be a little anticipated as it was MY Misedashi this time :-p So having settled everyone we gathered for a group photo.. and then started serving a first course of Sushi 🙂

The sushi was so delicious we couldn’t stop the Taikomochi from tucking in – what an uncouth fellow that Hachizaru is! After the sushi had had its time to shine it was time to start ‘entertaining’ so Hachizaru-san stood up and (after enjoying the stage to its full potential) – announced my arrival. And in I came in the lovely hikizuri and detail that only exists due to the kindness of all those who have helped me. I thanked everyone for coming and for their support (I have a little ‘shaky cam’ video of this bit but I am shy so if you would like to request a private view of it on YouTube please do in the comment field and I will forward it to you). I will continue the story of the first Misedashi outside of Japan (as far as I know) in my next post ^^
I am so joyful to have some white in my collar at last!
 Itadakimasu! Hachiko x

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2 Responses to Misedashi! (and O-zashiki party – part 1)

  1. Ciara Lamptey says:

    If it is not too much to ask, may I see the video? ^.^

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