Misedashi part 2..

It’s been a long time since I have written. This summer has been so full, when I have not been teaching or studying I have been meeting family.. and taking the kids to the beach!

So here is a little about the ‘second’ part of my Misedashi..
We were very busy after the food, playing games and performing. I danced Gion Kouta and later Kyo No Shiki… to the best of my ability. I love performing in my kuromonsuki furisode very much.. and it turns out that when swept in a curve the willows on the sleeves look like they are dancing in a breeze 🙂
Between dances we played games.. and listened to a fantastic japanese style story read by Loftus-san. We played Tora Tora and then a little later a few rounds of Kompira Fune Fune… the sake was flowing in its pretty manner, little by little.. dainty cup by dainty cup… as people lost to the champions of the current game!
We had a last minute flurry after the surrounding restaurants were closing.. and got home and settled at around half past midnight.. by which time I was ready for a bath to relax… Here are a couple videos of our games…

It is hard to sleep when you get home late…. though I suspect Maiko who work as hard as they do every day at O-Zashiki must attain the correct level of exhaustion – what amazing women!

In the few weeks after this I found time to do the rounds of Totnes with Hachitsuki-san to say thank you to a few of the many people who have helped and encouraged me. Without them I would never have got to this stage, and the okiya would just be a strange dream..
As it is many smiles, laughs and creative inspiration has forged Hachisu Okiya forward.. I wish my little sisters even more joy than I have experienced as they themselves are nurtured.
A few pictures from my Misedashi walk….. and one from the Taiko Festival in exeter that we visited (thanks to Rich Booth who took the picture)


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