Regular Ozashiki!


The project Hachisu Okiya is going very well and so we have started to provide regular events. One month we host a movie night and the next month we host a traditional Ozashiki party… or thereabouts :-p We have quite a few dances and games learnt now and our guests are often artistic themselves.. meaning everyone has something to share, discuss and have fun with! Our talent for sushi is improving also – and sometimes we are lucky enough to have guest caterers for an event. Here are some pictures and descriptions of how they have gone for you all… to see more and larger ones please visit our busy facebook page:

Our November Ozashiki….
IMAG1321   IMAG1326
At this zashiki we actually held two parties… one in the afternoon for children and one in the evening. Here are some pictures of the afternoon (it was misha-chan’s birthday party) We all enjoyed the games together and the kids were adventurous by trying the Japanese fare that was prepared for them. We especially enjoyed playing ‘Mr Raccoon’ to work up an appetite for cake!

Our January Ozashiki…
IMAG1405 IMAG1419  IMAG1413 IMAG1417
At this zashiki we had a new helper called Bridgette who took lots of pictures – thank you Bridgette 🙂 We get so busy at parties that it is hard to remember to take photos! At the January zashiki we were so happy to celebrate the beginning of the year. We had quite a few young guests too so we played loads of games – though later I had to reassure a guest that the games were designed for adults to play! Misha-chan is really good at getting everyone involved so we are getting better at encouraging people to have a go – there really is no worry about making a fool of yourself at a zashiki after all ^^

Our March Ozashiki…
482362_509222612474391_840675335_n 408534_479102242153095_1145527240_n
We were quite tired at this zashiki… its been very cold here and while we have been anticipating the spring for a long time ^^ I was a bit nervous to see how it would be with us all being tired and also we had to do the catering ourselves. The neighbouring restaurant is so helpful and provided us with a warm noodle course halfway through the evening. It was a quieter zashiki but a really interesting one. We had no ‘underage’ guests and as such there was more time for talking. It is really interesting how much communication happens when you are playing a game and not using words other than the game song. During Kitsune Ken I played opposite someone completely new to the game and without the children there we could take it ‘seriously’. It was so much fun half teaching, half being in competition and half confused… I know that doesn’t add up to a whole pie circle, but maybe reflects the subtle feeling involved…..??
What fun this is!

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2 Responses to Regular Ozashiki!

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    It’s become a regular thing now and doesn’t seem such an effort as it was the first few times 🙂

  2. hachisuokiya says:

    I agree – especially as when i was writing this i found it hard to recall the one we had a few weeks ago!

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