Hachihana’s Misedashi

Our most recent performance (at Totnes Civic Hall’s New Year Celebrations) brought memories of Hachihana’s Misedashi debut resurfacing in my mind. The reason for this was that for New Year… and for the Ozashiki party coming up on the 17th of this month.. we wear our most formal kimono. This year Hachihana will be celebrating a year of being a maiko by giving up her dangling kanzashi and painting both lips..
2     6

It was a busy Ozashiki 🙂 As we set up for it we also prepared for her Misedashi ceremony which was similar to the Sisterhood ceremony we held when she got her Geimei (art name).
20       23    Obasan prepared the area as I helped my little sister adjust to her upcoming evening and responsibilities. Then we sat, with an audience of Shikomi, Minarai and helpers, and reflected on what Hachihana’s art life has been like since she received her name and what the future might bring. Hachihana herself gave a little speech about her dreams and wishes as maiko and we drank the sake that Obasan ceremonially poured.

The ozashiki itself was packed with people – we have a fairly medium sized room and had at least 18 guests and a team of 5 or so. As Tsuki-san and Saru-san prepared for the evening to begin Hachihana and I went down to the lower room where Bronya had prepared a ‘photography studio’ for us to have portraits to mark the occasion.17  24 27
The evening entertainment consisted of much fun and games. Hachihana had prepared some performances for her debut including a duet performance of Gion Kouta with me and a couple of songs and dances. She received much praise and also some pressies (including a piano music book of Ghibli soundtracks and songs – Hachihana loves to compose and play on her piano)
33     26     32Hachihana and I playing Yakyuken with a whole team each of visiting customers including Loftus-san. (We played for applause and much congratulation – tho we must always play with an Umpire I discovered, as I was tired and threw the game at the end to the younger and therefore more charming players – sorry Loftus-san ^^)
I am in the middle playing my Shamisen for the first time in public. Both Hachihana and I were nervous about our debut performances in music and dance but bolstered each other by ‘Oneesan’ playing the shamisen accompaniment to ‘Imoto’s’ first solo dance – Sakura.

                        I was extremely proud of Hachihana and our wonderful team!

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