A long year.. a big year. Sakkou time!

totnes-geisha472016 was a big year for me as Maiko and Geisha.. I send thanks to the many who have helped and supported me! I am now a full Geisha having experienced my debut and other things associated with becoming more independant and reaching out with my art into the world.

January looks like a good time for blogging.. so I hope to write about many things that have happened, but for now I shall speak of Sakkou period and the special Ozashiki at which I first danced Kurokami!

The date was Saturday 16th January and also our special Ozashiki time for celebrating the New Year. So it fitted that we would all be in formal kimono for the special event of Hachiko’s last Ozashiki as maiko ^^
Normal preparations were made.. plans for the 3 course Japanese Meal, checking outfits.. deciding which performances were appropriate for season.. alongside sending some special invites to patrons we have been grateful to over the 5 or so years of practice and support that have led us to this point.

The weather was good so we dressed people processed to our Birdwood Ochaya venue together whilst helpful people packed up and delivered our stage and catering equipment via the hire car 🙂

After set up we spent some private time as an arts family, discussing how things have gone over the past year and our future dreams and aims for the New Year. Obasan Hachitsuki oversaw the ceremonials as we made our art promises and shared a meal as is our tradition in the afternoon of January Ozashiki. totnes-geisha49Hachiko and Hachitsuki discuss the New Year Ceremony

After meal discussion – has Norman just said something shocking??

Then it was time for Ozashiki proper.. serving food, playing games, dance performance and song performance…

Part two coming soon ^^

With thanks to Norman from https://www.facebook.com/FlipitLENSphotography/
for taking a lot of the pictures!


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One Response to A long year.. a big year. Sakkou time!

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    Looking forward to seeing Part 2!

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