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An ending…

After the main Ozashiki the guests for the evening started to file out and wend their ways home as our regulars stayed behind for the private ceremony that is the (literal) end to Sakkou. Those who had the special invitations … Continue reading

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Horete Kayou

So what has resulted from all this wandering? We were invited to return to the town’s New Year’s festivities at the Civic Hall the next year where I was able to play my shamisen with much more confidence – including … Continue reading

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Hachihana’s Misedashi

Our most recent performance (at Totnes Civic Hall’s New Year Celebrations) brought memories of Hachihana’s Misedashi debut resurfacing in my mind. The reason for this was that for New Year… and for the Ozashiki party coming up on the 17th of … Continue reading

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October beckons….

October beckons…. and brings with it that sort of autumn mists that evoke memories and with it a nostalgia that reflects on the feeling of just how much has passed over the last year. I will make an attempt to … Continue reading

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Another journey towards Misedashi…

This April we anticipate the Misedashi of Hachihana.. the debut from shikomi through minarai to maiko of our misha-chan. Misha has always had art quite prevalent in her life starting shortly after she learnt to sit up as a baby. … Continue reading

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Looking back over ‘the busy months’

I was talking to another community minded person the other day and she said to me ‘wait until the season is over and then we can talk’. It does seem to me, from what little experience i am gaining, that … Continue reading

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Regular Ozashiki!

Well…. The project Hachisu Okiya is going very well and so we have started to provide regular events. One month we host a movie night and the next month we host a traditional Ozashiki party… or thereabouts :-p We have … Continue reading

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